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Community Outreach Ideas For Franchisees

If you are new to being a franchisee, you should arm yourself with the knowledge of organizing community outreach activities. When you choose to engage in community outreach, you help to give back to your community, give opportunities to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and fulfill your franchise’s corporate social responsibility. Since education is such an important part of everyone’s lives, it is essential that JEI Learning Center® franchisees find different ways to give back and help their communities. Not only will this help their relevant communities but it will also create a greater brand awareness and attract more business. Below are some community outreach ideas for franchisees. 

Take Part in Charity Events

Charity events are an excellent means of giving back to your community. You can easily do this by choosing to be the sponsor for your local charity events. This could be as simple as making a donation to your charity of choice or sponsoring the food and drinks at the event. Every charity event will ask for various forms of help and different donations. Thus, ensure that the charity event that you are thinking of sponsoring is relevant to your industry and can help you to reach out to the suitable audiences. In order to show that you are making an effort to reach out to your community, make sure that you show true support to the organizations of your choice and stay in tune with their causes. Hence, it is important that you choose a cause that speaks to you and that identifies with the values of your franchise.

Support Local School Events

Helping out in school events is an extremely effective way to do something good for your community as well. You will be able to interact with families in the local community and spread information about your franchise. It would also be beneficial to your business if you invest in building a long-lasting relationship with a school in your community. You could choose to suggest after-school initiatives with the school management so that you can reach out to more students. Volunteering at these school events can help you to promote your services while enriching the lives of both students and their families.

Consider Joining the Chamber of Commerce in Your City 

There are many benefits to joining the Chamber of Commerce in your city. This can help you with marketing your business while enabling you to connect with the members of your community and other business entities. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy advertising opportunities that present themselves in newsletters and local publications. Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce also helps to ensure that your franchise is credible and trustworthy to your potential customers. It is only human nature to be more trusting and receptive to businesses that are certified by the official Chamber of Commerce in a certain city. 

Ultimately, franchisees have to understand and accept that their businesses are only possible because of the support of their community. Hence, it is only right that franchises give back and take every chance to pay the community back for the support given to their businesses.

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