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Up to $15,000 in Incentives*


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JEI Learning Centers has developed the country’s most effective supplemental education program dedicated to delivering a personalized, supportive, and enriching student experience. Our proven, tailored, and affordable approach help students develop a love of learning.

Limited Time Offer!*

Now is the time to become a JEI franchisee! For a limited time only, we are making it an even better opportunity by offering up to $15,000 in incentives for new franchisees. JEI stands for leadership. JEI stands for community. Join us and help children in your community establish a love of learning. Call 877-JEI-MATH or fill in the form below to learn more.

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Exterior Primary

Exterior Primary Signage Reimbursement:

100% reimbursement check paid up to $3,000 toward pre-approved primary exterior façade signage. Proof of purchase/invoices/receipts required.

Interior Branding Package

Interior Branding Package:

Provided and shipped by JEI. This package contains all the essential center interior design elements, graphics, and wall ornamentation. Up to a $1,500 value.

Furniture Subsidies

Furniture Subsidies:

Reimbursement check paid up to $1,000 toward pre-approved furniture. Proof of purchase/invoices/receipts required.

Paint/Labor Subsidies

Paint/Labor Subsidies:

Reimbursement check paid up to $1,000 toward pre-approved wall painting/branded striping. Proof of purchase/invoices/receipts required.

Grand Opening Discounts

Grand Opening Discounts

Up to a $2,000 value. Grand Opening royalties waived by JEI for first three months of operation. JEI royalty fees credited in the monthly statement.
Grand Opening “Free Enrollment” for first three months of operation. JEI enrollment credited to the monthly statement. Shipping costs 50% paid by JEI for first three months of operation, per policy guidelines.

Exterior Primary

Monthly Zoom Account Licenses

Provided by JEI for remote learning. Up to a $500 value.

Additional Marketing Benefit

Additional Marketing Benefit

Once the Grand Opening marketing threshold is met by the franchisee, JEI will create a marketing campaign for the JEI Learning Center valued at $6,000. Please fill in the form to be contacted with more details.